Meet: The Entrepreneurial Team behind Qissa.Pk (Salman Khan; Muhammad Waqas; Junaid Hussain and Nauman Ali)

Sometimes, it is the difficult moments in life which propels one to do something about it. In this case, it is Waqas, who founded Qissa, the first video platform of Pakistan.

The year is 2014, where Waqas, at his friend Salman’s place, was watching the political dharna through the eyes of Pakistan’s local media. At this moment, Waqas wondered to himself whether the reality on the ground situation would be different from what the TV channels are showing, and in his mind, he wanted to see the videos made by the regular people at the dharna.

The desire to see the normal person’s perspective led Waqas to create a platform for people to share their unheard voices, and make some money out of it too.

Sharing his idea with his friends, Salman, working at Microsoft, jumped in and work with Waqas. Within a week, Waqas successfully secured an investment of $15,000 from Tariq. Later on, he turned to his friends like family from GIKI and got yet another investment of $50,000. Suddenly from nothing to $75,000, Waqas sprung into action.

Waqas, Salam, Nauman, and Junaid became the face of Qissa, while Faraz and Tariq decided to stay as activist investors. Nauman is currently working three startups while Junaid is the CEO of Unique Technologies which provides customized identification and bio-metric solutions to clients in North Africa. 

I, the interviewer, asked Waqas to share with the readers what Qissa is all about. He shared the following:

“Qissa hit the ground running and started getting hundreds of videos a day. Having one of the strongest tech teams, Qissa became the first video streaming platform from Pakistan. One of the contributors has made more than Rs.40,000 while making documentaries of interior Sindh and another has made over Rs.30,000 while sitting in a remote town of Layyah. 

Qissa has quickly emerged as a platform of choice for common people who now can voice the inequalities around them while also making a handsome pay. Qissa strongly promotes nationalism and works as a platform ‘by the people, for the people’.”

Other than Guerrilla Journalism, Qissa urges the people to show the true colors of Pakistan and its people by making videos worth watching. 

In closing, Waqas shared something important about Qissa:

“Qissa also believes in giving back to the underprivileged. We tend to dedicate a specific portion of our profit to make a school for kids and give life to the slogan ‘education for all’.”

This interview was given to Usman from My awesome journey.