We entertain videos of various genres and primarily check the content of the video and its usefulness for the audience.


Own Creation

The video must be your own creation. It shouldn’t be copied from other social media platforms. Qissa holds the authority to discard the video in case of violation of the term.

The content provider holds complete copyrights to its content and is free to add or remove the video from the platform whenever desired.

Capturing the Main event

Once you have decided what content you will record, it is very important to make sure you capture the main event and provide necessary information. For example, if you are capturing a protest, the video should cover the location of the protest, size of the crowd, reasons for the protest, duration and the message protest intends to convey.

If you decide to make a video of corruption, the video should show how the corruption took place, the involved personnel, location and any other information that will help the viewer understand the video.

If you record beauty/health video, share products details, it’s application, result, any specific pros or cons. Provide complete information in the video for audience understanding.

If you record tourism video, cover the landscapes in an appealing way. Provide the necessary information in the description.

In short, your video content should be useful. You can ensure this by asking yourself 3 questions:

  • Does the Video contain any information?
  • Is the information useful for People?
  • Can viewers understand the information from the Video?

Video Quality

Record videos in high resolution, shoot with a steady hand, ensure lighting is adequate and sound is clearly understandable. If you are shooting through a mobile camera, remember to record the video in landscape mode, so it is not distorted when uploading to the platform.