Qissa believes in freedom of speech but our platform is still governed by some rules. Those rules are to be followed.

  • Adult or Sexual content is not allowed.
  • Copyright Infringement is a serious crime and Qissa takes it very seriously. Therefore, uploading someone else works for monetary gains is strictly prohibited. Legal action could be taken against copyright infringers.
  • Hate speech against anyone is strictly prohibited.
  • Any video that promotes ethnic or sectarian division is not allowed.
  • Fake or bot-generated traffic is strictly prohibited.
  • No compensation will be awarded against fake views.
  • The account may get suspended as a result of fake/bot views activity.

Videos violating the above will be removed immediately. A strike will be issued against the content provider. The content provider may face a permanent ban or account suspension from the Qissa platform.

Qissa reserves the right to change the policy for better user experience and safety.