First Strike
Whenever a member submits a video, Qissa reviews the video to check if it’s in accordance with the Qissa policy. If the video is found to be copied, generating fake views or offending our core values, the reporter will then be issued a strike. The strike remains in the reporter’s record for 90 days before it is removed.

Second Strike
Second Strike However, a member can still upload the video, but on 2nd strike, the member’s uploading privileges will be suspended for 14 days. After 14 days the member’s uploading privileges will be reinstated.

Third Strike
On accumulating 3rd strikes within 90 days of the first strike, the member uploading privileges on Qissa will be suspended for 30 days. After 30 days, the uploading rights will be reinstated.

Fourth Strike
If the member sends another video violating Qissa principles, then the final 4th strike will be issued, and the member will be permanently banned. Based on the severity of the offense, Qissa can refer the matter to the legal authorities for a possible court proceeding. Each strike has a specific time period of 90 days and will be removed from the member’s record after the completion of time duration. Qissa holds the right to make changes in the strikeout policy for better user experience and safety.