Our mission is to empower and encourage you to report everyday incidents which you believe need attention of the world.

Why Qissa

Biased and fake news are on the rise. Centralized media houses shape your opinion. Social media is not fully decentralized either. Masses around the world are at the prey of a few media houses, gigantic corporations and kingmakers. Not anymore! Qissa has changed the rules of the game. You are the reporter and you are the viewer.

It’s your story!

We provide you with an independent video-news platform. You can shoot a video of an event, upload onto our platform and get paid for each approved video. So, what’s your mission?


Muhammad Waqas
Waqas is leading the Qissa initiative where he is overall in charge of managing and directing the Qissa team. Waqas believes in empowering people by giving them voice and highlighting the ground realities. Waqas has over 10 years of multinational experience in diverse industries where he has been part of S&P100 and FTSE100 Company. Waqas has done engineering, law and an MBA from Institute of Management Development, Switzerland.

Salman Khan
Salman is leading the Qissa Technology team responsible for product design, architecture and development. Salman has over 16 years of experience with working at leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. He has a passion for designing intuitive solutions that create value for its consumers. Salman is a digital architect, graduated from Iowa State University, USA.

Nauman Ali
Nauman is leading the sales team and responsible for monetizing web traffic, running advertising campaigns and sharing content with media houses. Nauman’s passion lies in working with startups where he has hands on experience in successfully setting up e-commerce and services industry businesses in the past. Nauman has over 10 years of multinational experience working in Fortune 500 Company. He has completed an engineering degree from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

Junaid Hussain
Junaid is leading Qissa’s marketing and advertising team. Junaid is responsible for formation of innovative marketing strategies to reach out to masses. Junaid’s passion lies in the usage of information technology to solve complex social issues. Junaid is an engineer by qualification and has over 10 years of multinational experience of business development and team management in IT industry.